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Quality sofas, chairs and occasional furniture

1,000 square feet showroom. Buy from stock or delivered to order.

New Vintage Range

We have a great new range of painted "vintage" furniture just in .

The chairs come in cream or grey painted finish ,with diamante button finish in the backs.

The tall back Wedding chair  : £340.00

The Louis XV Chair : £275.00

The Bedroom chair : £168.00

Cream Vintage range

Here's what the cream range looks like !

Stylish New Chaise

This lovely new chaise comes in a range of fabrics ,or there is the option to have your own fabric.It also comes in a range of wood finishes.

At a great value price of £399.00.

Vintage Clocks

We also have a great range of "Vintage" Clocks.

Made to measure

On all of our suites we offer the ability to make the sofa any size you wish.

If you have a Bay Window or a gap you want a sofa to fit into,we can have it made to a specific size to suit.

We have a wide range of Fabrics to suit all tastes.

All chairs and sofa's can be bought individually,so if you want a sofa and just one chair we can price that up for you.

Call in and have a look,you won't be dissapointed!

Tanya Suite

Another of our best selling classics! It can easily updated with new fabric.

3 Seater – 78” x 39” x 36” (186cm x 82cm x 92cm)
2 Seater – 60” x 39” x 36” (1152cm x 82cm x 92cm)
Chair – 37” x 39” x 36” (102cm x 82cm x 92cm)


Fabric choice of Flatweaves, Chenilles, etc

3 Seater + 2 Chairs £1499
2 Seater + 2 Chairs £1399
3 Seater + 2 Seater £1499

Footstool Box Ottoman £199 - Arm Caps £60 pair - Fabric £25 per metre - Scatter Cushion £25 each

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Julie Corner Unit

This corner unit is really versatile.It comes in individual units that clip together,so its up to you how many units you need.Because it comes in individual units its great for houses with first floor lounges or restricted entrances.

It comes in a wide range of fabrics and can be teamed up with matching sofa's and chairs.

Left arm/right arm-29"x37"x35" (74cms x 94 x89cms)

single unit-20.5"x37"x35" (52cms x 94x 89cms)

corner unit- 40"x37"x35" (102cms x94 x89cms)

Corner Unit Left arm/right arm+3 single units +one corner : £1599.00

Corner unit + chair : £1899.00

Box ottoman footstool :£199.00

Individual prices: Arm unit:£499.00 -single unit :£299.00 -Corner section :£499.00.

Armcaps :£60.00 per pair.Fabric per mtr £30.00.

Zoe Corner unit

The "Zoe" is our latest  corner unit that we have added to our range.It comes in a large selection of fabrics,plains and patterns,to offer an up to date look ,tailored to your individual needs.

It can be either Left or Right armed,whichever you require.

The pieces click together for easy assembly.

Right arm unit-97" x37"x34" (246cms x94 x86cms)

Left unit-86"x37"x34" (218cms x94 x86cms)

Corner unit (as shown) £1599.00

Corner unit + chair £1999.00

Footstool £199.00

Fabric:£30.00 per mtr. Armcaps : £30.00 each.

Zoe Suite

This is the latest addition to our range.Because the Zoe corner unit has proved so popular we've been asked if it comes in individual units!

3str - 74" x37"x34"  (188cms x 94 x87cms)

2str - 58" x37"x34" ( 148cms x 94 x 87cms)

Chair - 39"x37"x34" (100cms x 94 x 87cms)

You can choose from a range of fabrics!

3str + 2 Chairs  £1499

2str + 2 Chairs  £1399

3str + 2str         £1499

Box ottoman -£199, Armcaps -£60 per pair ,Fabric-£30.00per mtr. 


Julie Suite

The "Julie" suite is one of our popular suites. It comes in a large selection of fabrics, plains and patterns, to offer an up to date look, tailored to your individual needs.

Available in a 2 seater, 3 seater and chair.

3str - 78" x 39" x 36" (198cms x 100cms x 92cms)

2str - 57.5" x39" x 36" (146cms x 100cm x 92cms.)

Chair - 37" x 39" x 36" (94cms x 100cms x 92cms)

3str +2Chairs -£1499.00

2str + 2 chairs -£1299.00

3str + 2str - £1299.00

Box ottoman footstool -£199.00,Armcaps-£60.00per pair,Fabric -£30.00 per mtr.

Cleo Suite

The "Cleo" suite is one of our most popular suites. As it has a large selection of fabrics, plains and patterns, to offer an up to date look, tailored to your individual needs.

3 str -77"x34"x34" (196cms x86 x86cms)

2 str - 57"x34"x34" (145cms x86 x86cms)

Chair - 37"x34"x34" (94cms x86x86cms)

3str + 2 Chairs -£1399.00

2str +2 Chairs - £1299.00

3str + 2str -£1299.00

Box ottoman-£199.00 ,armcaps -£60.00 per pair,scatter cushions-£30.00 each.

Ashbourne Chair

This fully upholstered button backed chair is perfect for a bedroom or lounge.


Blue Bedroom Chair

This gold framed chair with an antique finish is perfect for a bedroom.

The frame comes in cream,gold or oak, a variety of fabrics to choose from. 

Hartington Country Chair

This fully upholstered country chair is available in many patterned fabrics, which is perfect for a bedroom or lounge.

Louis Chair

This button backed chair is available in a small, medium and large frame.

You can choose from a range of fabrics and colours.

Antique Louis XV Tub Chair

This "antiqued"Louis Chair is  beautiful, upholstered in a printed hessian to give it a modern twist.

Tissington Fireside Chair

If your looking for an elegant fireside chair this is perfect for you.

It comes in a cream/ beige gingham fabric.

Chaise Chair

This chair is perfect for a bedroom or window seat.

It is available in different fabrics.


There is a variety of different sized footstools with different fabrics. Many chairs have matching footstools which is ideal for a lounge.

Abraham Moon chair

These Beautiful Louis style chairs come in a variety of Abraham Moon Wool Checks/Plains.

A great addition to any room.

Bergere Back Louis Chair

This elegant Louis style chair comes in a lovely Damask Fabric ,complimented by a traditional cane work finish on the back and arms.

Louis Chair in Traditional Toile Pattern Fabric.

The Delicate print on this elegant chair gives a sophisticated look to it.

It comes in a range of colours.

The Marie-antoinette chair

This chair makes a great Bedroom chair,nice and wide to sit on whilst dressing,designed in the days when cinolines were worn!

It has a lovely canework finish on the back ,and comes in different wood finishes and fabrics.

Window chaise/seat

This great little chaise ,fits in bay windows or at the end of a bed or under a window.

Its neat and compact so does'nt take up valuble space,it comes in a selection of linen prints /plains and chenilles.